First heard of when the party found Evenfar razed to the ground, the town which they had previously saved from the Black Dragon.  Survivors from the destruction were few.  Those that could be found described a great struggle between the Green Dragon and Dalamar that mysteriously ended with them walking away together towards the south, seemingly now allies.



  • Capable of spewing noxious gas
  • Immense strength

Key EventsEdit

  • The party discovered a leveled Evenfar in Week 24 and chased the trail of bewildered witnesses towards the southeast.
  • After some further reading at the library of Palanthas in Week 26, the party learned that the dragon most likely settled in the Lost Woods (then called the Dense Woods) more than 500 years ago.  It may have played a role in a spectacular fight between a powerful black wizard and a white cleric that gave the woods its new name.
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