"I bring death to dragons around me. I quell the fear of their enemies and I can speak directly with them. We together are the doom to all dragons."
— Harbinger

A sword of legend first heard of in Week 27. Tales speak of its might against dragons. It is so fierce a weapon that even the otherwise helpful Brass Dragon refused to discuss it.  It was last seen over 500 years ago near Atryllia with its previous wielder, Mori.

The artifact was recovered in Week 33 in the depths of Black Mist Lake where it was pinned under the Mist Dragon.

Held by the forces of Voraci after the fall of Vincent. Stolen during the timeskip along Blood Singer and Kralfort and used to exterminate all dragons in the land.

It is currently missing. Vanished along with Lord Morrow.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Strikes with a +3 bonus to accuracy and damage.  It deals 2 additional damage dice against dragons
  • Cancels dragon fear in a 50' radius
  • Enables its wielder to speak Draconic (language of dragons and dragonkin).
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user. It seems less talkative and more subdued than the other dragonsbane weapons.  It recognized Vincent's sorrow when picked up after Bregor's demise.
    • In Week 36 , Harbinger began speaking with some of the mannerisms of Vincent, ending sentences colloquially with "friend".
  • Is immune to dragon breath.
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