The Red Robed man named Hector is a bumbling looking, around 50 year old human man who seems fairly well-off, by looking at his robes. Looking for swords for hire, in the 'Tilted Titan' tavern, to find 'his' items that were supposedly stolen when his home was ransacked by Goblins. Saying that the party could take the money and wanted the possessions, he tasked them with finding the Goblins and retrieving a number of items including a number of heirlooms, a sword, an unknown orb and a few other items. When he found out the party betrayed him, he threatened them with legal action and then sent an assassin named Lavernica after them. He did not react well to the destruction of the Orb, and attempted to make clear to the party the value of it and the sword.

He was killed by Vincent when they came to his tower south of Solace. His body was fed to his pigs.

Key EventsEdit

  • The Man sent the party to retrieve the Blood-Drinker Longsword and the Crystal Ball
  • The Man seems to desire the sword and Orb incredibly
  • It was revealed that he did not ever own the artifacts and sent the party to retrieve them purely for his own ends.
  • In Week 14, Hector was beheaded in his own home by Vincent.  His letters of correspondence revealed he was working as a middle-man for someone named Riker.


Little is known about Hector and it is unlikely that he will be much elaborated, considering he no longer has a head.


  • He is either wealthy or has influential connections as he sent a skilled assassin after the party in retribution for taking the magic items.
  • He had a 19 year old grandson. It is then assumed that he has other family.

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