Hill Giant Cliffton

Theon the Hill Giant

The Hill Giant (whose name was 'Theon') was allied with the Ogres that attacked Willow Brook and was hunted and killed by the party; especially Vincent Longborn. It was his death that persuaded Istavan Fellstar of Fitchview to pardon the group. He was posthumously dubbed "Clifton" by Vincent in Week 14 during the trial of Lord Istavan.

He was hired by Lord Istavan to destroy Willowbrook with a group of Ogres. He was paid for this with the Lord's Ring of Domination.


A hill giant lair will have 9-16 (1d8+8) giants; usually an extended family. Sometimes these families will accept lone hill giants into their folds. If six or more giants are encountered in a lair, half of them will be male, one quarter will be female, and the remainder will be immature giants. To determine a giant's maturity, roll 1d4. A roll of 4 indicates an infant with no combat ability and hit points of gnoll; rolls of 1-3 indicate older progeny with hit dice, damage, and attack rolls equal to that of an ogre.

Occasionally a hill giant with an average intelligence can be found. Such a giant is capable of rallying bands of his peers so 2, 3, or 4 times the number of giants usually appearing can be encountered. These "giant kings," as they call themselves, stage raids on human towns or against other races of giants. Although hill giants prefer temperate areas, they can be found in practically any climate where there is an abundance of hills and mountains. They lair in caves, excavated dens, or crude huts. Those who live in colder climates have developed more skills with preparing and using skins to keep themselves warm and to keep the harsh winds out of their lairs.

There is a 50% chance a band of hill giants will have guards in their lairs, and the guarding creatures will be 2-8 (2d4) dire wolves(50%), 1-3 giant lizards> (30%), or a group of 2-8 (2d4) ogres (20%). The majority of hill giants are suspicious of magic and will seek to destroy magic items they acquire as treasure. They ceremonially kill mages, which these Giants were seemingly adverse to doing.


Hill giants' main diet consists of meat, which they obtain by hunting. The flesh of young green dragons is considered a delicacy, and frequently giants who live on hills and mountains covered with forests will organize hunting parties in search of green dragon lairs. In turn, green dragons have been known to hunt hill giants. Sometimes bands of hill giants will trade with each other or with bands of ogres to get foodstuffs and trinkets.

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