I' Yaara Oryn translates to 'The Ancient Trees' from Elven to Common. As this is a rough translation only, it is much harder to translate this to another language.


These trees of the oldest known bark reach hundreds of feet tall. It is here the gods, Astair and Martha, brought the first elves into Solum, at the dawn of the first age. In its heart is the wonderful city of divine wood and venerable marble, where the elves and their last king, Loth'Logar, had sheltered.

During the great Ogre War, the elves suffered gratuitous costs. Significant damage was brought upon the heart of the forest, where it once stood four times their current size. The chaos and destruction proved irreparable, its magic unable to be restored to it's former glory. Despite this, I' Yaara Oryn remains a sacred and beautiful site to behold.

The Bannerless ArmyEdit

The first Bannerless Armies of Voraci were marched to the east to invaded I 'Yaara Oryn. Many elves were taken and likely tortured, only to be killed or brought into the fold. Little else is known of the ancient land, nor its inhabitants. They say the great forest is now cursed, though elves on occasion, make pilgrimage to seek and pay respects to their ancestors.

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