Karla is the mother of the child prophesied to end the reign of Voraci. 


She is a fit, tall human woman, despite her pregnancy she kept a decent weight and has developed somewhat of an athletic appearance during their travels. She has dark brown hair to the shoulders, which she wears loose.


Karla lived in the town of Foghaven all her life. She was one of the town seamstresses. Her husband died three months before she gave birth to Margaret, the saviour child.

Key Ev​entsEdit

  • With the help of all the townsfolk of Foghaven she was able to carry a baby in secret, unbeknownst to the Orc tribe that controlled the area. She gave birth in an elder lady's house in Foghaven with the assistance of Victarian Black and Jhakri in Week 1.
  • She started to get sexually active with Victarian, showing more enjoyment around his company on Week 11.
  • She was stabbed with a Black Dagger of Bone in the chest as a result of Lady Felicity's meddling with Léa in Week 23.


  • Hardened throughout their journeys, she displayed no sympathy for Spades' reckless actions, saying to "burn the bitch" when the party considered her judgement on the situation.

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