"Slam me into their face and we shall destroy their skulls."

A legendary warhammer. One of the four Dragonsbane weapons forged during the The First Dragon War. It's location was revealed by Loth'Logar and recovered in Week 30 from the crypts of Ember Stone on a pedestal protected by flesh golems. It was once in the possession of Azril, who first used it against a roost of 4 black dragons. It has since become an object of reverence and gained it's first worshiper Azril, before he was slain.

It was held by the forces of Voraci after the fall of Azril. However, it was stolen during the timeskip along Blood Singer and Harbinger and used to exterminate all dragons in the land, likely including the Brass Dragon.

It is currently missing. Vanished along with Lord Morrow.


  • Deals 2 additional damage dice to dragons for a total of 3d4.
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user.  It is quite single minded in its desire to kill dragons.
    • In Week 35, it convinced Azril to worship it.
    • In Week 36, it began to adopt Azril's sense of humor, as they played a prank on an errand boy in a bathroom.
  • It can sense:
    • the other dragon-slaying weapons in a wider radius than the other dragonsbane weapons
    • the presence of dragons, 1 additional mile radius per level of the wielder
    • invisible entities in 50' radius
    • good or evil in 10' radius
    • hidden traps and doors or shifting rooms in 10' radius
  • It speaks common, Dwarven, and Elven in addition to reading its wielder's mind.
  • Is immune to dragon breath.
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