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Lady Felicity is one of the Four Great Voraci generals. She's known as extractor and keeper of secrets and leader of the special forces of men, who relish in things that cause even the heartiest of men to lose their lunch. She's an extremely beautiful and charming autumn haired woman, which covers her devilish side, as she tends to be very sadistic and playful with her victims, like a cat with a mouse.

In combat Lady Felicity is a skilled rogue and she carries various magical items with her, such as a ring of invisibility and two magical weapons: a rusty short-sword that can cause extra poison damage, and a black bone dagger that permanently saps the targets health when it hits.

During the Campaign Edit

Lady Felicity, along with the other generals, was present during Oris's final moments, when he was dying of old age. She playfully suggested if they should hasten his journey to the afterlife, but was surprised and grabbed by the hand by Oris, which caused her excruciating pain just moments before Oris died to his chair.

Lady Felicity ordered an agent called Lea to tail the party around after they had escaped from the orc champion known as "The Reaper". What she hadn't anticipated was, that Lea would betray her and the Voraci and join up with Victarian's group.

Lady Felicity then started to personally tail the party around the Miklagard kingdom towns when she learned that her trusted servant Lea had disappeared and the two spy's called Othos brothers who were in Dawrah as well had been found dead in the nearby woods. She found the party in the town of Mjorneer, where she quickly searched for the baby but was confronted by Karla, who she stabbed with her dagger, killing her. The rest of the party soon found her but she managed to escape while scolding them.

Next she tried to corner the party in the nearby town of Savadi, but again they managed to slip her grasp and escape west. In a western village of Bolton she appeared again invisible mocking the party, but Zanzil managed to push her buttons by asking her how much she would cost a night. Enraged she went to stab Zanzil and managed to prick her dagger to Tariq's right hand draining his strength, but was not prepared as Zanzil cast his polymorph spell, which turned her into a duck. She couldn't handle the shock to her system caused by the polymorph spell and perished, reverting into her original human form. Lady Felicity was looted by the party and her corpse was strung to the walls of Bolton, with a message "there is hope".

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