The party were sent by Riker the wizard to track the beast, slay it, and retrieve the hoard of rare items it was rumoured to possess. The party tracked it to its cave from south of Windsail and faced it there.

It was killed when Bregor shot it in the chest.


This ugly creature haunts deserted and desolate places because most other creatures cannot bear the sight of it. Its ugliness is legendary. Leucrotta lair in treacherous ravines and rocky spires, because they are as surefooted as a mountain goat. Caves, old abandoned towers, or a hollowed out deadfall are the preferred lairs for this disgusting beast. For every four leucrotta found in a lair, there is a 10% chance that an extra one, an immature leucrotta of half strength, is also present. Leucrotta are not a very family oriented species, as their nasty tempers extend sometimes to each other. The beasts range over a 20-mile area. Since the leucrotta is not a very social creature, all strangers are nothing more than sources of food. Sometimes, a powerful chaotic evil person may entrap a leucrotta and force it to serve as a guardian, but such beasts rebel at the first opportunity. Those brave enough to venture into a leucrotta lair must first roll a successful saving throw vs. poison with a -1 penalty, due to the horrendous stench, or gag helplessly for 1d4 rounds. Once inside, the money and possessions of past victims await. <Though the leucrotta prefer freshly killed meat, they are not above eating carrion. This serves to enhance their already bad reputation.


Leucrotta distance themselves from the grand picture of nature, preferring to lurk on the fringes. They serve no practical use and one would be hard pressed to find a druid that would try to protect a member of this species. Some sages speculate that the leucrotta is an unnatural abnormality, an aberration spawned by some demented power or archmage. Still, some mages prize the leucrotta hide for creating </span>boots of striding and springing, hoping that the sure-footedness of the beast passes down to the boots themselves. There are rumors that leucrotta saliva is an effective antidote to love philters, but so far there have been no volunteers to test this theory.


  • It was about 7 feet tall
  • It lived within a rancid cave that smelt like 'human corpses filled with shit'.
  • It was able to speak, and warded the party away when Vincent demanded that it surrender.
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