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Lisa approached the party in a bar in Deepscar as they sat and drank. She hired the party to assist her in the recovery of lost family heirlooms in Rainwood, leading to the group meeting its second cleric, Azril Goldoath. Her goal was to ultimately get vengeance on the bandits responsible for her parents' death.

Key Events[]

  • She was approached by Azril, who asked that he aid her as he owed his God, Quantarius, a debt.
  • She approached the party requesting that they aid her in recovering her heirlooms in Rainwood, 2 or 3 weeks from Deepscar. Vincent was not immediately pleased to hear this, but was reassured that she would pay them adequately with 500 gold.
  • In Week 30's episode, she reveals herself to be the daughter of Lord Feng in front of the Elven council of Loth'Logar. However, with the Elves' general dislike for Humans, they were unsympathetic to her plea for punishment of the party for the murder of her father.  Vincent, who had recently become romantically involved with Lisa, felt betrayed and eagerly sought to settle the matter with a duel but she would not oblige.  Lisa was eventually escorted out of the Elven lands by guards to ensure her safety from the party.


In the past year, Lisa's father, Josh Burgath, was killed by marauding bandits. Her mother soon died from grief, and so Lisa has resolved to hunt down and slaughter the bandits in vengeance. Her goal is to simultaneously recover the heirlooms lost to the bandits.

In Week 30 it is revealed that Lisa is actually the daughter of the late Lord Feng and joined our heroes to seek vengeance against the party, making her initial goal that she presented to the party technically true, even if the names she gave were not.


  • Week 25: Abigael: " Did you see that Owlbear I just killed. That was sick!"  Lisa: "Yes it did look very sickly.  I'm surprised that it took you two daggers to kill it."


  • She looks relatively strong looking with calloused hands. She is quite a straight-forward woman and has medium length blonde poorly cut hair.
  • She is a 6/10 with a Charisma of 12.
  • She has shown to be tolerant of the party's humour, not reacting in such ways as Marrrr. In this way she is similar to Selia.
  • She was initially thought to be JP's new character.
  • She is quite bigotted against 'sub-humans'.