For Dalamar's Master, the Black Robed Wizard, see Ferris.

Arguably the most powerful of the Four Great Voraci Generals, the black mage in the far north, Ferrus, had forsaken his soul, long before the advent of Voraci's armies. Due to this, Ferrus became a fitting servant for any that sought to rule in absolute. When the time came to reap the land of all who opposed the rule of Voraci, he was given the task of raising children who were found gifted in the ways of magic. Under his guidance, there was no choice but to infallibly serve under the white 'V'.


  • Ferrus may have been the one surviving general out of the four, and soon before Solum was liberated, escaped towards the ice flows beyond, along with the remaining few members of the defeated Voraci.
  • It is said that Lord Ferrus himself led a small force throughout Solum, eliminating every, and all dragons in existence. Ferrus would have likely made use of the Dragonsbane Weapons already in their possession, absent the bow, Whirlwind.
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