Loth'Logar ruled for centuries, the great city hidden in I' Yaara Oryn. Once known for his patience, due to the supposed betrayal of the Humans and Dwarves during The First Dragon War, he became bitter.

Rise of the Bannerless ArmyEdit

Whilst sitting in his throne, a Brass Dragon known as Thraxaldor flew in with five strangers who thus, presented themselves in front Loth'Logar. It is at this time the party informed him of all they knew, and being as the enemy approaches, only four days away, the king was not daft nor evil, and knew there was little he could do. He carries much skepticism for the newcomers and questions their true value, but the word of the Dragon and the presence of Elven companions assuredly helped sway his thoughts.

After quick decision, he informs the group of the long lost Dragonsbane Weapons, forged during The First Dragon War. He states that each weapon's location is entrusted to only one individual and points the party in the direction of Emberstone, where they would find the warhammer known as Kralfort, as well as his brother Jamal.


  • Last spoke with his friend, Thraxaldor, around seven-hundred years ago.
  • Strokes his beardless chin when thinking.

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