These horrors, sometimes called tlincallis, are part human and part scorpion. A manscorpion has a dark-skinned human torso, its abdomen is protected by bony plates, and its ribs and backbone protrude from the body. Their hands have two thick fingers and a long thumb; the hands are often mistaken for scorpion-like claws. The creatures are hairless, and their faces are handsome and noble, except for the red, glowing eyes which have no pupils.

The creature's torso sits atop a 4-foot-long, bony-plated, arachnoid body which is supported by six legs. Bony plate completely covers the strong legs. The protruding spine continues along the abdomen and forms a tail 10 feet long. The lower body, legs, and tail are usually sand-colored, and blend easily with the desert. Observers rarely see anything but the muscular human torso until the manscorpions are close.

The origins of these creatures is thought to lie in an ancient curse placed on evil humans. They speak their own language, and 20% also speak some locally spoken tongue.

They attacked Farborough over a number of days and were entirely slain when they attacked in the night, only putting two points of damage on the party.


Manscorpions live under the desert sands in burrows connected by tunnels, all situated above underground cities of 40-400 individuals. These often mirror great human cities, with pits instead of buildings, and great chasms like inverted pyramids. Manscorpions often hold humans and dwarves as slaves, using them to mine and create weaponry. A manscorpion's fingers are not very dexterous, but they are fine sculptors with hammer and chisel, and many sculptures decorate their cities.


Manscorpions eat practically any meat, including carrion. No normal creatures prey on them.

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