"The child will be born. She is the one who can undo everything."
— Voraci, Goddess of Death

The child was identified as such by the matron of Death and Destruction - the Goddess, Voraci herself.

"Astair and Martha Joined one day. A child they made to keep Voraci at bay. A mark of honor, The symbol of pride. It is with this child all of our hopes ride."
—Joff, Templar (poem) (secretly Vorus Longborn)

Margaret is the child of Karla and the prophesied savior to rid Solum from the clutches of Oris and Voraci.


Born in the simple town of Foghaven, seventy years after the emergence of Voraci, Margaret was placed under guard of capable adventurers: Victarian Black, Alice, Jhakri, and Largo Silverheart. Her father was taken away three months before she was conceived, and put to death. Circumscribing her wrist is an unusual birthmark in the shape of an eye. It has a thick outline and a space in the middle where a small dot sits.

In her journeys, Margaret had made every sound but the cries of an excited or troubled infant, making it less difficult to infiltrate Voraci territory.

Key EventsEdit

  • Soon after Karla's death, Victarian was charged with taking care of Baby Margaret until they come across a suitable wet nurse.
  • Subsequently after a large hunting party overwhelmed Baby Margaret's beloved guardians, Léa took it upon herself to carry out the mission, and in less than a day, barely managed to cross the bridge leading to the Longborn Kingdom.
  • Three months after Voytek and the rest of the party had gone their separate ways, the armies of Voraci initiated a final push of whom among them, Lord Kelbourn rode. It was during then that the child was present, and kept the fragmentary manifestation of Voraci herself from laying a hand on the allied forces. This panicked Voraci's armies, and eventually led to their undoing. Much less is said about the child in written accounts.

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