Marrrr approached the party in the 'Tilted Titan Tavern' in Solace (who were mostly drunk), after they betrayed The Red Robed Man, and offered them a job to act as bodyguards for his three travelling trading caravan pulled by two horses each. He travelled with three others including his six year old brother. On the journey the group encountered a few obstacles, including a fallen tree engineered by two Hobgoblins and an Ogre, before arriving at Haven.

Marrrr's young brother was mauled brutally (so bad that it was censored, his ribcage having been torn out) and died by the alpha of the pack of Hellhounds that attacked the convoy on its passage from Haven. Marrrr was seriously injured but the other two traders were also either killed by the hounds or fled. He was accompanied to the town of Vinyaes, but the party abandoned him when he refused to abide their illegal actions against Lord Feng.

Key EventsEdit

  • He hired the party to 'get to point A to point B safely'. For this he said he would pay them 400 gold.


  • It is likely that he was born somewhere in the Northwest, but his real origins were never revealed.


  • He wears gold and purple robes.
  • He would have no part in the criminal ways of the party, and subsequently had his horses stolen from him for his honesty.
  • He is sensitive about the pronunciation of his name
  • Vincent had an odd shirtless montage fantasy of washing Marrrr. It was weird.
  • Marrrr was referenced in Week 11 upon the deaths of the Ogres Timmy and Jake.
  • Invented the practice of Marrrrketing.
  • Marrrr is likely named after the character of the same name in Community Season 2, Episode 14, where this character is created by Abed and played by Jeff. He shares no other similarity with the character, and likely shares this trait with Lavernica.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "I'm really glad we hired you; that was surprisingly easy."
  • "I cannot be party to this"

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