'Merlin' appeared in Week 13 and was visited by the party as a standard identifying wizard. He once sold Abigael's second ring to Istavan Felstar, who was once its rightful owner, before the lord gave it to the Hill Giant. He was used as a form of residence or a safehouse during the party's gathering of evidence, instead of the usual bars, inns or taverns.

He said that he would testify that he had sold the ring to Istavan. He knew of Ulag Felstar's less than honourable exploits and constantly believed that Vincent referred to those exploits when he discussed Lord Felstar. He was quite friendly with the party and appeared to like all of them.


  • He lives in Fitchview
  • He is very old, with a long beard (earning him the unofficial name 'Merlin') and possibly has Dementia or Alzheimers, considering his loss of memory.
  • He is a little bumbling, but is still a wizard and so should be deserved that respect as well as the consideration that he may be rather powerful.
  • He walks with a staff.

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