Mist Dragon of Black Mist Lake
Mist drg

Dragon Class




Age Class

9 of 12 (Very old)

The Mist Dragon of Black Mist Lake is one of the most dangerous creatures that the party has come across in all their travels.  Dormant for what could possibly have been centuries, they were led to this slumbering behemoth at the bottom of Black Mist Lake by the inhabiting fish.  Believing it to be hiding the legendary Dragonsbane sword Harbinger, Vincent awoke this mighty beast and nearly killed it with a strike from Blood Singer, the Dragonsbane spear.

The scalding steam breath of the dragon proved formidable to the party and gave them pause as it assaulted them on the beach of the lake. When Bregor beat it back with well aimed shots, it sunk back into the water before vanishing from sight.

The dragon, wounded and desperate, emerged from the ether and bellowed its roar of steam, boiling Bregor alive in his armor. With fury and sorrow, Abigael fired an arrow true, ending the life of the dragon.


A mist dragon is a solitary creature, disliking disturbances and conversation. At birth, a mist dragon’s scales are shiny blue-white. As the dragon ages, the scales darken, becoming blue-gray with metallic silver flecks that sparkle in sunlight. Mist dragons try to avoid encounters by assuming mist form. In combat, they quickly use their breath weapons, then assume mist form and hide in the vapor-where they launch a spell assault.


  • Age class 9, the dragon was two age classes higher than the oldest dragon the party had previously killed.
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