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Mogwoggles in typical posture, peeking from a pocket.

Mr. Mogwoggles (or Mugwuggles or Mogwaggles) was the ferret companion of Abigaël Aidelbaum. He would frequently high-five his owner, and occasionally fetch items for her. Mr. Mogwoggles was killed by a bar attendant when used as a decoy in one of Abigaël's attempted thefts.


A small and furry animal, usually kept in Abigaël Aidelbaum's pocket or inventory.


  • Mogwoggles was able to converse with Tudagub when the half-ogre used his magic to allow him to talk to animals. An incredibly beautiful and touching moment ensued.
  • Abigaël started the search for a new animal of similar size and fur soon after Mogwoggles' passing.
  • He did not seem too concerned that Tudagub had previously attacked him, dealing 1/3 of his hp in damage.
  • He was later replaced in Week 15 by Mrs. Mogwoggles I.
  • He died in Week 9, by well aimed knife from an innkeeper.


Week 3[]

  • "Creeeee~ Creeee~" Gen: "And that's his best impersonation of a crow noise."