Mr. Tugwoggles

Mr. Tugwoggles

Mr. Tugwoggles was acquired in Week 17 in secret at Windsail by Abigael as an immediate replacement for Mrs. Mogwoggles I, who was, in turn, a replacement for Mr. Mogwoggles. He is named after Tudagub, which is something Vincent finds very interesting, in grief terms.

He replaced Mrs. Mogwoggles I after she was melted by the Black Dragon in Week 16.

In Week 32, Mr. Tugwoggles is aged 2 years after going through Azril's portal.  This leaves him old and frail.

In Week 36, his little heart finally gave out. Abigael went on a drinking binge in mourning.


A furry and small mammal. It is of unknown colour and remains usually within Abigael's bag, pockets or general inventory.


  • He is male, and presumably an adult.
  • Died in part due to premature aging and inclement weather.

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