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"The destruction of the town was only a symbol of your forthcoming. You are a great tool for Quantarius."
— Head Priest of Quantarius

A dwarven city and hometown of Azril Goldoath, who's citizens believe him to be the vessel for the god Quantarius.  This town was 'split in two' by a divine event that hearlded his birth. It was subsequently renamed Quantis in reverence to this event. The city is ruled by a Thane by the name of Flint, who Azril knows to be over 500 years old.

Azril returns home in Week 34 during a crisis of faith and renounces Quantarius in his most sacred temple within the city. When approached for counsel, the head priest is greatly disappointed in Azril and suggests that he humble himself before his god and make amends for his transgressions. While there, he also beseeches the help of the Dwarves from Flint, who expresses no concern with the struggles or the fates of surface dwellers.