Ring Of Three Wishes

Claimed by Selia to be located in King Rike Kelborn's chamber of the King's Catacombs.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Grants three wishes.  One wish has already been used by Kelborn.  History books report Kelborn miraculously turning the tide of battle in the darkest hour of the Ogre war with a devastating lightning storm that ravaged the enemy forces.

The second wish was used by Selia to 'reverse her transformation', but instead of reverting her into a silver dragon, it reverted Selia's polymorph induced memories back to normal, revealing she wasn't actually a silver dragon, but an elf that was once polymorphed into a silver dragon.

Banon attempted to use the final wish to bring his father back, resulting in his immediate execution by the other party members for the betrayal of their trust.

The final wish was consumed in Week 27 after Vincent witnessed Bregor plummet from the sky in a poorly thought out attempt to land on the Brass Dragon with the help of Azril's spell of Dimensional Folding. Abigael seeing her closest friend falling, without a second thought, used her Amulet of Cheetah Speed and tried to catch the falling elf. She got there in time but with a crushing 70 damage, the two broke their bones rather than the fall. Despite all the previous plotting and debate about how the ring should be used, Vincent knew now that the decision was out of his hands. He slipped the golden band on his finger and blurted, "I wish I could go back 10 minutes!" Instantaneously, he arrived back in time and proceeded to slap Azril, berating him to never use the spell again. The dwarf was confused and taken aback but relented in continuing with the disastrous plan. The chilling nightmare of his friends' deaths remains Vincent's sole burden to carry.

Believing it to be useless, Vincent tossed away the ring. It is now lost in the dunes of the Red Desert.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Vincent returned to the past and prevented Bregor and Abigael from dying, he created a paradoxical situation, as he removed the reason he would have used the wish in the first place. Which means, according to some theorists and viewers, that when Vincent tossed away the ring, it still had the third wish on it.
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