Brass Rod 6mm

Brass Rod of Lighting

The Rod of Lightning is a brass rod 1-1/2ft long given to the party by Dalamar for their help in slaying the Black Dragon of Black Water Swamp. At one end is a glass orb containing some sand.

It was used by Uncle Oris to finish off the Black Dragon in Week 16. It was jointly used by Tudagub and Vincent up until Tudagub 's death, with Vincent using it only for enemies deemed the largest threat, or out of his reach. 

Since Week 34, the rod has been out of charges and unable to strike foes. Most likely to have lost it's magical properties when Dalamar died. It is likely that it will never work again.


With the power of its command word, "Dalamar," the rod calls forth a flash of lightning, tearing through the heavens and devastating its target for 6d6 damage.  The rod can only be used three times a day.

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