• Classico was a jade figurine salesman that was hiring mercenaries to protect him, and he chose the party.
  • Amos and the rest of the party soon departed with him tough when they learned that he was a con man and the jade figurines he sold were actually just made of glass. Amos blackmailed Classico to keep quet about this secret, before betraying him and revealing his secrets to others.
  • Classico sent a mercenary nalled Balrog the Destroyer after the party.
  • The party tracked Classico into the town of Jaderun, where justice was finally served for the shyster.

Balrog the DestroyerEdit

  • Balrog the Destroyer was a Merenary from Jaderun hired by Classico to attack the party.
  • Balrog defeated the party and took all the money that Amos had blackmailed Classico for.
  • Balrog was later murdered by the party in Jaderun in revenge.


  • Jade Merchant in Jaderun
  • Sells real Jade, was being undercut by CLassico's fake Jade.
  • Hires party to deliver raw jade to be cut.
  • Has 2 bodyguards.
  • Name in Episode 44 is Ernesto. Purchased some Pearls in Bulk to sell on to the party.

Gil & PalloEdit

  • Galahad (Human Fighter) & Pallo (Half Elf Ranger)
  • Mercenaries
  • Gil is boisterous, Pallo is reserved
  • Helped the party fight with Classico's Bodyguards in Jade Run
  • Pallo is renamed Kit in Week 44.


  • Fairy, owner of the Fairy Compass Varnouche found.
  • Over 1000 years old.
  • Enchanted Amos's Bow in exchange for the Compass Back.
  • Made out with a badger 100 years ago, which made her husband, Harold, leave her. She asks the party to accompany her to see her husband in exchange for another enchantment.


  • Human Ranger
  • AC 14
  • Less than 38 HP
  • Party hired him to kidnap Raszagal
  • Has magic boots, cloak, arrows.

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