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  • 16 Hotness
  • Met in the town of Consail selling Flowers for 2 Copper Each. Her sister lives in Consail.
  • Helen's husband was killed in the war, and her sons are part of the army and her farm was burnt down.
  • Hired by the party to take care of Baby Margaret

Captain HelgarEdit

  • Human Male
  • Former Bodyguard of Duke Catthorn of Port Tyler
  • Had once been the strongest with the sword in 7 cities until one day when he had his abilities magically drained from him.


  • 18 Year old Human Male
  • Tariq's Squire
  • Son of Lord Ricktar of Port Tyler

Miklagard KingdomEdit

The Miklagard Kingdom was occupied by the Voraci Army during the Vale War where the rank of King was Abolished. The Prince of the Kingdom will pass on taxes to the Voraci Forces and are mostly left alone, unless shaffi Merus Findlemaker has a "recommendation". The Kingdom once contained the Principalities of Aros and Tarnwood, but now Miklagard itself is also a Principality.

Prince YordenEdit

  • The Prince of Miklagard.
  • Prince Zeldir's brother.

Prince ZeldirEdit

  • The Prince of Aros.
  • Prince Zeldir promised 2 sets of full plate if Victarian Black and friends "head to Fort Eskka and brings back the general presiding over it." Alive or dead, though preferably alive.
  • The party return, but they are ambushed during dinner in the city of Aros.

Sir CilEdit

  • Prince Zeldir's bodyguard.
  • Highly skilled swordsman

Port TylerEdit

Duke CawthorneEdit

Lady DelilahEdit

  • Female Human
  • Hotness 13
  • Daughter to the Duke
  • Someone cast a charm spell on her

Lord RicktarEdit

  • Male Human
  • Son - Reptar
  • Ricktar's Great-Grandfather was the first Duke of Port Tyler
  • Ricktar's Father was removed from power was arrested due to heinous crimes, some of which Ricktar was the victim of. Duke Catthorn's family came to power int he aftermath.

Lady MorrowhammerEdit

  • Female Human
  • The missing Lady Delilah was found in Morrowhammer's basement.

Father ClemEdit

  • High Cleric of Port Tyler

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