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Solum ron by stevenoble197-d7krgsv

Ron the sellsword by SteveNoble197

Ron is a mercenary fighter hired by Victarian Black before the party met with Prince Yorden in the town of Fraskka. He was asked to spar with Tariq to demonstrate his skills in battle which were decent enough. Since their meeting, Ron has become a trusted travelling companion and also a fugitive along with the party as they were forced to flee from the city of Aros after killing its treachorous Prince.

Ron departed with the group after the Voraci started to close in on them, saying he wanted to keep his head on his shoulders, as the party met him one final time in the town of Dawrah, where he delivered Tariq's new plate armor. Zanzil asked him if he wanted to become a dragon, to which Ron heartfully laughed at saying he would miss Zanzil and the group.

Notable Feats Edit

  • Surprise!: Ron managed to sneak behind and completely surprise the necromancer who tried to get into the church where the party was resting during Week 19, causing him serious wounds.
  • Amazon Delivery Boy: Succesfully delivered a set of full plate armor for Tariq, which took several weeks.

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