Attack rolls are done with a 1d20 + any modifiers and must greater than or equal to the armor class (AC) of the target to hit. Attack modifiers come from many factors including positional advantage, weapon proficiency, and magic. On hit, a damage roll is performed with a XdX + damage modifiers, where X is based on the weapon used and modifiers are usually due to strength, specializaton or magical properties.

Critical Hits

  • For die rolls of 18-20 (16-20 for high masters), clearing the target AC by at least 5 is a critical hit. For each increment of 5, to a maximum of 15, the crit level is increased. For example, clearing by 10 is a double crit and 15 is a triple crit.
  • For die rolls below 18, one must clear by 10 and the increment is 10, up to a maximum of 30.
  • Each level of critical grants an additional die for the damage roll. Status effects are also possible with a 1d10 roll for location and a roll for severity based on weapon size vs target size (i.e. small weapon vs medium target = d6, medium weapon vs medium target = 2d4, large weapon vs medium target = 2d6, and large weapon vs small target = 2d8).
  • The maximum crit level is a triple crit with 4 damage dice.
  • Only the weapon's damage is multiplied, modifiers from other sources remain the same.


  • Crippling strike: If the attack hits, you get to roll on the critical effects table, but deal half damage (rounded down).
  • Called Shot: aim at a particular part of the body with a -4 penalty to hit.
  • Cleave: strike a foe in melee with -2 penalty to hit, if the blow kills, attack again with an additional -2 penalty up to 4 foes.
  • Crushing Blow: attempt to make a critical hit but provoke attacks of opportunity with -2 AC, no shield bonus, and no dexterity bonus to AC
  • Wild Swing: +1 bonus to hit at the cost of -2 AC next round
  • Piercing Shot: a ranged kill by 5 or more can pierce and strike a creature directly behind it with a -4 penalty.

Attack Bonuses

  • Flank attack: +1 bonus to hit, disregards AC granted by shield if the shield is held by the other hand.
  • Back attack: +2 bonus to hit, disregards AC granted by shield.
    • Higher level thieves deal additional damage dice with a back attack to humanoid creatures. The amount of bonus dice increase with the Thieve's level.
  • Surprise attack: +4 bonus to hit. This doesn't stack with flank/back attack and disregards bonuses to AC granted by dex/shield.
  • High ground: +1 bonus to hit in melee while attacking from the high ground or a mount.

Attack of opportunity: when engaged in melee combat, a free attack is granted even when out of turn if an enemy tries to move past or turns to flee.


Experience points are granted at the end of the session for resolving quest lines or overcoming threats.