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A silver-haired elf wearing a hooded cloak with moss-green eyes.  She claimed to be a silver dragon cursed into elf form by an evil wizard and sought the party's aid in Week 20 after hearing of their triumph over the giants.  Her goal was to recover the Ring of Three Wishes to restore her true self.

She has said that she's been cursed for thirty years and that no one would help her because she had left her family over seven-hundred years ago to live a solitary life.

Key Events[]

  • When she acquired the ring and wished for her transformation to be reversed, she became distraught, collapsing into a puddle of tears and screams as her memory was restored to her.
  • When the party arrived with her in Valesburg in Week 24, she seemed uncomfortable, noting that the tower once belonged to Ferris. Selia was startled upon hearing the name, Dalamar.
  • Went her own way to the southeast as the party passed through High Clerist's Tower in Week 25.


Selia was originally an Elf who was exiled from her homelands for loving a human of the black robes, Ferris, about forty years ago. When expectations were high and the beginning of a new life drew nearer, assassins attacked the wizard. Ferris' apprentice, who was jealous of her strong bond with his master, came to Selia badly wounded, and asked if she would be willing to be the subject of his last remaining spell. She agreed to be polymorphed into a Silver Dragon despite the risk to her sanity and identity. Selia went to Ferris's home with the sole command echoing in her mind, "kill everyone."  Fortunately, Ferris was able to undo the spell before she unmade him, but it left her mind in tatters. She roamed the lands seeking a way to kill the man she had once loved, but now believed to have taken her dragonhood by cursing her into an Elf. With the help of an unnamed black wizard, she put an end to Ferris.  All that remained, she thought, was to regain her dragon form with the Ring of Three Wishes. Eventually she heard of the bravery of a group of adventurers who had saved Justar's Bay from an onslaught of giants and sought their aid.

Once she realized the tragedy that had unfolded, she desired only to return to home, a broken woman, but continued to travel with the party into their quest for Lisa. She left the party in Week 25.


  • As an ordinary elf, she has proven to be useless in combat and in fact quite reluctant to fight if at all.
  • Dalamar is the apprentice of her lost love, Ferris, hence the connection they share and her fear of his presence.