Sir Belor was the Captain of Lord Feng's guard and he duelled Prince Vincent Longborn in a trial by combat in a desperate attempt by the party to save Tudagub's life. The knight is immediately bloodied and staggered by the Prince's first attack, partially due to the use of the Luck Potion Abigael stole from the Ugly Alchemist's stores after killing him. As Vincent implores that Feng call the fight, Belor musters a devastating attack, ending the fight and condemning Tudagub. This was where it got messy; Lord Feng commanded that Tudagub be executed, but was struck by Tudagub's sunscorch and killed instantly.

As the party fought back and threatened the life of the dead Lord, Sir Belor expressed disappointment at the lack of honour in the Longborn bloodline. He begrudgingly allowed the party to try and escape in order to try and save Lord Feng, but told them that they would be hunted down and slain for their crimes.

Key EventsEdit

  • Duelled Vincent Longborn and won.
  • Pursued the party as they tried to escape.
  • Swore to hunt them down and slay them.

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