A knight well-respected in the norther-lands in which he hails from, Sir Brightblade was known for being honorable and helpful, punctilious yet stern, but all the while mysterious and reticent.

Key EventsEdit

  • Vincent Longborn first encountered him in Chandar, at the Golden Goblet. After refusing to leave, Vincent receives a challenge from Sir Brightblade and is asked to be left alone if defeated. In the following morning outside the Golden Goblet, Vincent reluctantly yields and loses the duel.
  • At the crypts within the temple of Astair, Sir Brightblade is summoning evil spirits in order to cleanse the area. He is interrupted by the party who unknowingly incapacitate him. A single evil spirit appears and, with difficulty, is thereafter destroyed. Brightblade describes the party as seemingly "evil men who have chosen evil paths and now regret them," further explaining Dalamar's deceit and refusing to discuss past businesses with the sorcerer, claiming it was unrelated to the current situation. Blinded by emotion, the vain prince cuts open the Paladin's neck without hesitation, proclaiming self-defense as the party stared in dismay. Afterwards, the party decided to bring only his head in order to make quick leave of the city.


  • The god of which he served was never revealed.
  • He seems to be based of Sturm Brightblade of the Dragonlace series, at least in apperance and name.

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