The sketchy guy lived next to the river in Fitchview and had many, many, many contacts throughout the lands. He was not exactly happy with interacting with the party and mostly interacted with Bregor and Abigael. He told them, with much bribery, that Istavan Felstar hired assassins to find the pardoned group.

He was later visited by the party in Week 13, and retaliated by their unexpected entry with attacking them with two brutes. They killed the brutes and then found that a courier of Istavan's gave him information regarding Istavan's plans on attacking Palanthas and using Willowbrook as a reason to attack them in framed retaliation. When Vincent attempted to kill him, he used a potion of invisibility to take Bregor hostage was able to escape into the river.

Key EventsEdit


  • He can swim.

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