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Solace was the town the party started out in. It is a small town of farmers and traders. Apparently not much trouble has happened in the town before the party arrived.


Population 1000
Racial Make Up

?% Human; ?% Elf; ?% Dwarf; ?% Other

Defenses ? Dedicated Guards.
Magic Level Low?
Smith Levels Weapon/Armor: ? ; Silver/Gold: ?;

Summary of Events[]

Original Rollplay[]

The party received their first quest here from A red robed man. He requested they go and fetch the items stolen from his house in the hills by goblins in return the party could take all the gold the goblins had. Unfortunately Tudagub was captured by the goblins and the party retreated to the town. Tudagub then escaped while the party was in town and made his way back.

They then returned to the goblin cave and retrieved The Crystal Ball and the Blood-Drinker Longsword. After returning the town they refused to give the items to the red robed man who threatened them with legal action. They then tried to have the items identified but the cost was too great and Tudagub shattered the crystal ball by dropping it in the wizard's shop. They had however learned the sword was magical.

A man named Marrrr approached them with a job and told them he'd consider them over night. That night an Elven Assassin attacked the party but they failed to capture her after she killed one of the Innkeepers (who were brothers). The party promised the Innkeeper that they'd let him have the killing blow but failed to deliver on that promise. They then accepted the job with Marrrr which was escorting a caravan of goods to other towns. Thus they began heading towards Haven.

They passed through Solace several times since then and eventually returned to kill the red robed man, whose name was Hector. They learned he lived in a tower in the hills and swiftly dispatched him. They then took some belongings from him and learned of a man named Riker and left Hector's Grandson alone and left the town again.

Permanent Residents[]

Original Rollplay[]

† = Deceased

Stores and Taverns[]

Original Rollplay[]

  • Tilted Titan Tavern
  • Local Wizard's Shop
  • Local Blacksmith
  • Another Tavern

Notable Places[]

Original Rollplay[]

  • Hector's Tower