The Continent of Solum is a fictional setting originally created by Neal Erickson as a campaign setting for the Rollplay Legacy show on Twitch.

To the west of Solum is Arcadia, Arcadia East, Caldonia and Minotauria.

Several characters have travelled from one land to the other. Tyrant from Season 2 of Misscliks Pirate Edition was from Minotauria. Tyrus Bellows from Dicing With Death was an agent of the Army of Voraci, intent on infiltrating Solum, to weaken it for invasion. Georg the Wizard also from Dicing With Death was from Tides End, Stormtide Kingdom in Solum. Dicing With Death character Balrog Blacksteel in the Age of Mist from Solum is cousin/ancestor to Zweihard Blacksteel in Arcadia during the Age of Iron. Arcadia has had sent the Caldonian Expedition to Caldonia. Misscliks Seaborn also travelled from Arcadia to Caldonia and back.

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