Stay Awhile and Rollplay

F rom the halls of Vinyaes to the towering peaks of the High Vale Mountain Range, four adventurers form an unlikely alliance and embark on a chaotic and action-packed journey of epic and unforgettable proportions.

In the first campaign, Rollplay: Legacy, the party went on an epic quest full of dangers and outright funny shenanigans as they explore the land of Solum during the Age of Iron, for adventures, riches or whatever floated their boat at the time. First aired 18 February 2013.

The second campaign, Rollplay: Solum took place seventy years after the events of the first one, in which the party must work together in order to survive in the dark and dangerous realm that Solum had become. First aired 7th January 2014.

The third campaign, Rollplay: Age of Might, took place 1000 years prior the first two campaigns, during the Age of Might, along the road between Jaderun and Vallark. First aired 22 December, 2014.

The reunion one-shot, RollPlay: Pride of Vanderhorn, took place between the first and second campaign, far to the west of Solum on Gade Isle, as the Vanderhorn family fight to defend what is theirs. Aired 5 September, 2017.

Starring John Paul (JP) McDaniel, Geneviève Forget, Ryan Moore, Geoff Robinson, and Neal Pass Erickson as Dungeon Master, RollPlay stretches the limits of classic Dungeons & Dragons with its unique homebrewed 2nd edition style, played out via the Roll20 virtual tabletop . Join our heroes on this thrilling and hilarious half-ogre burning, gold-digging, bear-tying, and face-melting adventure as they negotiate situations of life and death, loiter endlessly in seedy bars, and attempt to uncover the mysteries that shroud the world of Solum.

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