Solum - Lower Rift

The Lower Rift & Palanthas

"The Temple at the end of the world" is built over the "Lower Rift". The Lower Rift itself is a crack in the ground, and is a hundred feet long, and it splits the earth open. Some places the crack is only two feet wide, some places fifteen feet wide, it's very jagged.

The Temple at the end of the world's main hall his build around the Lower Rift, with rooms going off from it. The stone floor of the temple is not man-made, if the temple were not here, there would just be a large patch of stone in the middle of the forest.

The Temple is home to Priests and Clerics of Felumbra, and considered the most important place in w:c:regalgoblins:The World to those who worship Felumbra.

Lore has it that Souls who die within a certain distance from the Rift will walk all the way to the Lower Rift before going on to Felumbra.


The first known Custodian of the Lower Rift was Felumbra's daughter, Emma the Demigod. Emma lost her position after being tricked into allowing another God have access to the Rift.

During the Age of Mist, the custodian of the temple was an elderly elf named Falmoris whom was met in Dicing with Death 15.

During the Age of Iron, the Lower Rift was visited in Rollplay Legacy Week 25.

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