Summary[edit | edit source]

Thoarar Fletcher was the mayor of Valesburg. He sends the party to kill the hydra known as The Gracken and awards them The Longbow of Theseus +2 for doing so. Later the party rescued his daughter from a goblin lair. He disappoints the party with his reward offered for his daughter and as part of the debut directs them to Lord Istavan Felstar, who may be willing to pardon them.

When the party returned to Valesburg, they saw Thoarar, who had thin hair and was quite a lot thinner than the last time the party saw him. Uncle Oris opened a portal in Thoarar's meeting chamber which led to Dalamar's tower.

The party visited him in Week 14 seeking aid against the Black Dragon that was terrorizing the nearby towns.  He would not send any soldiers with them as he believed they would not come back.  He did however give them the Armband of Healing in payment for their services in the past. It is highly likely that he died in the aftermath of Oris's takeover.

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