" These sub-creatures, as you call them and as you all are to me, could be of some assistance."
— Thraxaldor to Loth'Logar, the Elven King


Spotted in Week 27 soaring above the vast Red Desert. The party originally tried to get its attention by teleporting Bregor onto it's back in the air which precipitated the use of the Ring of Three Wishes's final wish. After that Vincent used the Rod of Lightning to capture its attention and get it to land.  They discussed many things with the great lizard and learned that it:

  • Is named Thraxaldor
  • Hates the Green Dragon and its ilk, claims he would kill them on sight if possible
  • Mysteriously awakened from hibernation


  • 60' body, 50' tail, 80' wing span
  • Coins are buried in his hide due to sleeping on his mountain of wealth.
  • Seems helpful and playful as he offers to fly the party to Valesburg and draws in the sand while conversing with them
  • Has a scarred eye that is milky and blinded.  He appears to have seen some battle in his time, which is perhaps unusual as brass dragons tend to avoid conflict.
  • Enjoys quoting Master Yoda


  • As the party had never seen or fought Thraxaldor in combat his abilities were largely unknown to them.

Key EventsEdit

  • Encountered in Week 27. After a fruitful conversation, the dragon flew the party from the Red Desert to near Valesburg to pursue the suspicion that Dalamar played a role in waking the beast from its slumber.
  • Spoke with the party in Week 29 with fresh wounds from fighting a great Blue Dragon
  • Flew the party to the seat of the Elven kingdom in Week 30 to seek the aid of Loth'Logar and his forces against the bannerless armies.
  • As of week 30 in Rollplay Solum, his current whereabouts or status remain unknown, although it is highly likely that he was killed by Lord Morrow's purge during the timeskip before the beginning of Solum.

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