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Unicorns dwell only in temperate woodlands, away from human habitation. These fierce but good creatures shun contact with all but sylvan creatures (dryads, pixies, sprites, and the like); however, they will show themselves to defend their woodland home.

Powerful steeds with gleaming coats of pure white hair, unicorn eyes are usually deep sea blue or fiery pink. Long, silky white strands of hair hang down from the mane and forelock. A single ivory-colored horn, 2 to 3 feet in length, grows from the center of each unicorn's forehead. Males are distinguished by the white beard beneath the chin; females by their more elegant and slimmer musculature. The hooves of a unicorn are cloven and yellow-ivory in color. Unicorns speak their own language as well as those of other sylvan creatures and elves.

Unicorns are herbivores, living on tender leaves and grasses. Their only enemies are griffons and those creatures who destroy forests, in particular red dragons and Orcs.

The life span of unicorns has never been recorded but is known to surpass 1,000 years. They are believed to maintain their youth until death is only weeks away. The secret to this longevity is the strong magical nature of the horn. Unicorn horns are highly sought after, since possession of one is a sovereign remedy against all poisons. Alternately, a single horn can be used, by an alchemist, to manufacture 2-12 potions of healing. Unicorn horns sell for 1,500 gold pieces or more on the open market.

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