aka Lewis

  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on June 3
  • I am Male

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Hi. I am Lewis, a 20 year old, Computing Science Student, living in Scotland.

As you might expect I am into video games with my favourite game of all time being Crash Bandicoot. I also enjoy watching football where I support Rangers FC though that's not  necessarily a good thing in the current situation.

I began watching Rollplay due to TotalBiscuit playing in the Dark Heresy Campaign and that got me interested in the Original Campaign. Since then i have watched almost every episode of all Rollplay series and quite a lot of episodes of related content on Neal's channel and all of Misscliks. My favourite character in all the setting is Lily Dudley the Halfling Wizard that Gen played in Misscliks who turned really dark in this rather amazing story moment.

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