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Of all the chaotic evil undead creatures that stalk the world, none is more dreadful than the vampire. Moving silently through the night, vampires prey upon the living without mercy or compassion. Unless deep underground, they must return to the coffins in which they pass the daylight hours, and even in the former case they must occasionally return to such to rest, for their power is renewed by contact with soil from their graves.

One aspect that makes the vampire far more fearful than many of its undead kindred is its appearance. Unlike other undead creatures, the vampire can easily pass among normal men without drawing attention to itself for, although its facial features are sharp and feral, they do not seem inhuman. In many cases, a vampire's true nature is revealed only when it attacks.

There are ways in which a vampire may be detected by the careful observer, however. Vampires cast no reflection in a glass, cast no shadows, and move in complete silence.

Vampires can charm their victims with their gaze and have terrible strength in melee combat. They can also turn into bats and mist and are able to regenerate quickly. Only magical weapons hurt vampires, as normal weapons just pass through them. A Vampire can be permanently destroyed only by either taking it into a sunlight, submerging it in running water or putting a stake through its heart and cutting its head off and filling the mouth with holy wafers.

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