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Zanzil's version of the Voraci Kingdom

Voraci is Goddess of death and destruction and is one of the Greater Gods of Solum . She is very arguably the main antagonist of the entire Series as a whole, or, at the very least, her minions are.

Original Rollplay Edit

The priest of John known as Uncle Oris was converted to Voraci after meeting with the evil wizard Dalamar. Once converted Oris became Voraci's vessel and killed Dalamar. The bannerless armies of Voraci grew incredibly quickly and soon claimed the lives of the original party and with that the ancient Dragonsbane Weapons were lost to them. With Dragons on their side and no heroes left, Solum was lost and all non-Voraci magic usage is oppressed.

Prophecy Edit

"The child will be born. She is the one who can undo everything."

— Voraci, Goddess of Death

Rollplay Solum Edit

The land is under total control of Voraci but the child is born with the mark foretold in legend to signify the time of the Prophecy and that this is the chosen one. Oris orders the slaying of children and the ending of the prophecy then later dies, leaving the four Voraci Generals to act in his stead and fight for power. The baby, named Margaret, is now being escorted by the party to try to guarantee her safety and end this reign of evil.

The first of the Generals, Lady Felicity, was at last dispatched by Zanzil in the town of Bolton. The other three remain at large and massive threats to the land and its people.

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