Vulag is the current Lord (or Mayor) of the town of Fitchview and all of its constituent towns and cities, including Valesburg, Willowbrook, Bremer, Solace, Haven, Silverhal and many more. He was known by the people of the town (reported by Merlin the Wizard) to be a skirt chaser and a difficult boy who did not obey the law often.

He is the son of Istavan Felstar and the party attempted to use him as support in the trial of Istavan in which the Lord was 'Matlocked' by Vincent and Tudagub. He murdered his father when the trial went sour and allied himself with the party before Bregor stabbed him. He confessed to the crime after Tudagub revived him.

Lord Vulag met the party when they once again came to Fitchview, attempting to seduce Abigael, but is horrible at it. Abigael attempted to get a magical crossbow from him and denied his sexual advances, but still tried to get the crossbow by staying with him and allow him to fail at flirting for a longer duration.

Key EventsEdit

  • Met with the party
  • Aligned with his father in the trial
  • Killed his father
  • Became mayor of Fitchview and Lord of the Free Cities


  • He seems to be involved in some scandal.

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