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Wemic 2ed

Wemics are leonine counterparts to centaurs. A wemic's body consists of a leonine body with a humanoid torso extending from what would be a lion's neck. The typical wemic measures ten feet from head to rump. When standing erect in centaurian posture, the wemic stands 6 to 7 feet tall.
Most of the body is covered in dusky golden fur. The tail is tipped by a brush of long, black hair. Adult males also have a mane of long black hair; the mane covers the top and back of the head and extends to the neck and shoulders. Male cubs develop this mane in their third year. The underbelly is covered in short, white fur. The nose may be black or russet. The eyes are gold with vertically slit pupils. The digits on all limbs end in claws. The claws on the forelegs are retractable.

Wemics have human-level intelligence. They possess a Stone age culture, using fire and possessing modest manufacturing skills with which they can create stone weaponry, pottery, and ornaments. They can be taught more complex skills. They are excellent trackers and guides. They may hire out their services in exchange for treasure and tools, such as weapons and magical items. They may also charge travelers a toll for safe passage through their nation's territory. Wemics speak their own leonine language and a highly accented dialect of the common tongue.

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