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Werewolves are the most feared of the lycanthropes; they are men who are able to transform into wolflike beasts.

The human forms of werewolves have no distinguishing traits. The werewolf form is equally varied. Many have a bipedal form that is a hybrid of human and lupine features. These creatures are about 1-foot taller and stronger than their human forms. The bodies are fur-covered and have short tails, wolflike legs, and heads that are combinations in varying degrees of human and lupine features. A second form of hybrid is more wolflike, and may be mistaken for a large wolf when it runs on all four legs. This hybrid can also walk erect and has humanlike hands. Another type of werewolf (about 20%) looks exactly like a large wolf about the size of a bear. This creature has no human features, although the eyes may glow red in the dark.

Contrary to popular belief, they are capable of assuming the form of a wolf or a hybrid wolf-humanoid at any time, not just under the silvery glow of the full moon.

Combat Edit

In their human forms, werewolves attack with a variety of weapons, generally those common to their human identity and class. In the werewolf or wolflike forms, the creature attacks with its fearsome teeth. If the form has hands, the werewolf may grab its prey for a better bite. In the wolf form, the werewolf can be harmed only by silver or magical weapons of +1 or better. Wounds from other weapons heal too quickly to actually injure the werewolf.

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