The legendary bow of Dragonsbane. Given to the wood nymphs in Black Bark Forest by the royalty of Altharas generations ago for safe keeping, the bow had been within the forest ever since. Once deemed true to their word and their cause, the party was sent to the woods by King Alraz to retrieve the weapon.

The bow was given to Abigael by a wood nymph named Lily during Week 36 once she had been deemed worthy. The nymph first made the party promise to return it once the dragons were no longer a threat and the party agreed to the terms.

During aerial combat with a white dragon Abigael dropped the bow and it fell and ended up in the possesion of a giant red dragon named Fog. He told Vincent they could regain it if they completed a task for him.

Its current location is unknown and possibly still being held by Fog. It is also possible, and potentially likely, that Fog was slain by Lord Morrow along with the chromatic dragons of the land, especially since he possesses such powerful artifacts.


  • Fires with a +3 bonus to accuracy and damage.  It deals 2 additional damage dice against dragons
  • Kralfort rumored that it can force dragons to land when hit. 
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user.
  • Is immune to dragon breath weapons.
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