Willow Brook is a small farming town in a state of rebuilding that lies west of Valesburg It has mostly mud and brick buildings with thatched roofs and it's population is generally quite poor. There is a creek that runs through the center of the town. At the town's center there is a large willow tree bending over the water.


Population Approximately 500 - 1000
Racial Make Up

100% Human; 0% Elf; 0% Dwarf; 0% Other

Defenses ? Dedicated Guards.
Magic Level Low?
Smith Levels Weapon/Armor: ? ; Silver/Gold: ?;

Summary of EventsEdit

Original RollplayEdit

Willow Brook was visited by the party after they killed Lord Feng in Vinyaes. Initially they avoided the town but after camping fairly close to the town they noticed an orange glow in the sky and decided to investigate. Ogres were assaulting the town and had captured a lot of the inhabitants though some had escaped. The party dealt with this group of Ogres and lead the people to Valesburg after trying to assault the Ogre's lair, which they retreated from after taking heavy damage.

Much later they returned to find the town in a state of rebuilding and Tudagub began donating significant amounts of gold to the town in order for them to hire labourers on the conditions that a church of Jexel was built. The party then dealt with the Ogres and a Hill Giant, named Theon, securing the town for the time being.

The party journeyed on to receive a pardon from Istavan Felstar but later uncovered that Theon was hired by Istavan to assault the town as part of a plot to take over Palanthas. Tudagub continued to donate money to the town and as such was given the role of representative for the town within Istavan's court.

As a result of Tudagub's efforts the town intends to create a bust of him and place it in the town hall to honour him and his contributions to the town. The Church of Jexel was also built however it served also as a Church of John as Willow Brook is mainly a farming community. This lead to some trouble in the town but the townspeople continue to honour the agreement. The Church has been dubbed the House of Js. Tudagub also attempted to get the town named after him but the cost of that was too great and thus it maintains it's original name.

Permanent ResidentsEdit

Original RollplayEdit

* = Left town after destruction and have not returned.

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