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A distant cousin to the dragon, the wyvern is a huge flying lizard with a poisonous stinger in its tail.

The 35-foot-long dark brown to gray body of the wyvern is half tail. Its leathery batlike wings are over 50 feet from tip to tip. The head alone is 4 feet long and filled with long, sharp teeth. Unlike the dragon, it has only hind legs, using them the same way a hunting bird would. The tip of the tail is a thick knot of cartilage from which a 2- foot-long stinger protrudes, very much like that of a scorpion. The eyes are red or orange. A wyvern does not have a strong odor, although its lair might smell of a recent kill. These beasts can make two sounds: a loud hiss, which sounds like a hot sword plunged into water, and a low, deep-throated growl, much like that of a bull crocodile.

The poison of the wyvern is very potent and was extracted by the party to use on their weapons against their later foes. It was specifically used in Week 18 when Victarian killed the bodyguard of Prince Zeldir that murdered Dana.

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