Yeilla met the crew at a tavern in Windsail. She recognised Abigael on account of being a childhood friend. She pleaded with the party to receive aid against the Ogres and Giants in Abigael's homeland. She traveled with the party to Evenfar, where she impatiently waited for them to not only slay the Black Dragon, but for Vincent to finish his armor.

During this waiting period, Bregor told her the tales of the party's adventures. The party then travelled westwards and across the sea to the Elven Island of Bregor and Abigael. There they fought a Giant, of whom was more trouble in comparison to the previous ring-bearer. During the night, Yeilla disappeared and they came under attack from two other Giants. In the following battle, the party greatly suffered and Tudagub was killed.

The party concluded that she had betrayed them. When she came with the invading Ogres and Giants, her neck chained up, Bregor spitefully placed an arrow through her cheeks. Later, the angered mountain giant holding her chain drags her across the dirt as he charged. After waking from consciousness, she pleaded for her life and justified her actions by saying that it was all for her family. She was killed, while blindfolded, by Banon, who stabbed her through the neck out of boredom in the midst of the arguing of the party.

Key EventsEdit

  • Met in Windsail
  • Betrayed the party from the beginning by luring them into the Giants' clutches in exchange for her children's lives without so much as a choice.
  • Killed by Banon unjustly.


  • She also knew Bregor through his Grandmother Clarice.
  • The Mountain Giant, Albert, presented a deal to the troops of Justar's Bay, where Yeilla was to confirm three figures of whom were to be enslaved in exchange for sparing the city. The deal was rendered annul as Bregor relentlessly peppered the giant with his arrows with later the help of Abigael.

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